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To support a vibrant Jewish future, FJC is devoted to helping Jewish camps thrive. A catalyst for change, FJC accelerates innovation in the field of Jewish camp by developing adaptive talent, deepening immersive learning experiences, and driving growth.

We are humbled to work alongside hundreds of Jewish camps across North America who share a commitment to furthering our mission: To build a strong Jewish future through transformative Jewish summers.

Please review the FJC network criteria before proceeding with the application. 

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Completing Your Application

In order to successfully complete this application form, please have the following information ready:

  • A copy of your camp's mission statement
  • Documentation of the names of the board of directors 
  • The current and previous year's operating budget of the camp as approved by the board of directors
  • Documentation of camp's tax exempt charitable status as nonprofit organization 501(c)(3) for camps in US or CCRA nonprofit registration for Canadian camps
  • Documentation of camp's ACA or CCA accreditation status (if applicable)
Please note that the FJC is not an accrediting institution. Though we do not require outside accreditation currently, FJC does encourage ACA or CCA Accreditation for all camps in its network given that their standards are recognized by courts of law and government regulators as the standards of the camp community throughout the United States and Canada. 

Application Timeline

Applications are reviewed on a semi-annual rolling basis in the winter (by December 15) and the spring ( April 15). Overnight camp applications received before the winter deadline are guaranteed consideration for the current One Happy Camper season (One Happy Camper is only available to overnight camps). Overnight applications received after the winter deadline will still be considered for the FJC network, but will not be eligible for consideration for One Happy Camper until the following summer. All camps should expect to hear of their status within two weeks of submission of their application.
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Camp Location and Contact Information

Camp Information
Please provide the full, official name of the camp.

The border regions are as follows -- Northeast: Maine - Maryland, South: Virginia - Texas, Midwest: Ohio - Kansas, West: Montana - California. Please be in touch if you have any questions. 

Winter Address

Summer Address


Movement and Denomination

Check only if both the camp and umbrella organization agree that the camp is a constituent of the camp movement or network.

Please provide your own definition.

Camp Leadership

Executive Camp Director

Camp Director

Assistant Camp Director

Business Manager

Operations Director


Other Positions

Board of Directors
In order to join FJC's network camps are required to have a board of directors. Please list your Board Chair's information below:

About Your Camp

Camp Information
The following questions are not FJC network requirements, but an opportunity for us to learn more about your camp! 

Between 500-750 characters

A unique count means each camper should only be counted once regardless of the number of sessions they attended.

Check all that you offer


File Uploads

File types accepted: PDF

File types accepted: PDF

File types accepted: PDF or Excel

File types accepted: PDF

File types accepted: PDF
FJC Network Eligibility Information
Does your camp...
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like to 
FJC Network Eligibility Information
Does your camp...
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Confirmation Acknowledgement

Please review the FJC network requirements and agree to the following network terms.


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