Yitro Leadership Program - Cohort V Reference Form


This reference form should be completed by the candidate's direct supervisor and is requirement of a complete Yitro Program Leadership application 

Reference Forms are due by Friday, March 15, 2024 (11:59 PM PT)


About the Yitro Leadership Program:

Thanks to the generous support of the Marcus Foundation, Cohort V of the Yitro Leadership Program will provide training for twenty-five middle managers from a diverse cross section of FJC's network of Jewish overnight camps, giving them the skills and resources to grow and excel in their roles. 

Yitro Fellows will deepen the impact of the Jewish camp experience and sustain careers in the Jewish communal field by developing a network of peers across the Jewish camping field and honing the skills and confidences to do their jobs well. Fellows will adopts and tailor authentically Jewish approaches to their work, and increase and expand their Jewish knowledge, relevant Israel experience, and processional development. 

More information regarding Yitro V here

Eligible candidates:

  • Are full-time, year-round professionals in middle manager roles that report to a Camp Director (may hold titles such as Assistant/Associate/Program Director, etc.) at non-profit overnight Jewish camps in the FJC network.
  • Have been in their position for at least one year by time of application, preferred applicants will have 2-3+ years' experience.
  • Can influence change in their area of work which may include staff hiring and/or culture, camper/community recruitment and care, programming, communications/marketing, and/or operations.
  • Are dedicated to a career in Jewish camping and/or Jewish communal field.
  • Have the full support of their Camp Director and Board Chair to participate completely in the Yitro Leadership Program.

We are unlikely to accept more than one Fellow per camp. However, multiple staff members from the same camp, each meeting the above eligibility criteria, are encouraged to apply. If you are completing a reference form for more than one candidate from your camp, please do your best to help us differentiate between them.


If you have any questions, please contact Molly Baer at molly.baer@jewishcamp.org.

Foundation for Jewish Camp will use the information on this form to contact you periodically with important Yitro Leadership Program updates and information. We respect your privacy and will store your personal information securely.

Saving Data

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Getting Started

Leadership Skills Assessment 
Strong candidates for Cohort V of the Yitro Leadership Program will demonstrate outstanding leadership potential, adaptability, commitment to leadership informed by Jewish values, capacity for growth, and an interest in broadening their understanding of, and exposure to, the field of Jewish camp.  


Please tell us the degree to which you agree with the below statements. 

4. Strongly Agree
3. Agree
2. Disagree
1. Strongly Disagree
Ranking Comments
The applicant will be able to apply lessons from the Yitro Leadership Program to positively impact their Jewish camp community. 
The applicant exhibits openness to innovative approaches and a willingness to explore new ideas.
The applicant is flexible and adaptable to changing situations and environments within the camp setting.
The applicant demonstrates a commitment to integrating Jewish values into their leadership and role at camp. 
The applicant is a rising leader in the Jewish communal world.
The applicant is open to and takes action on feedback provided. 
The applicant is interested in gaining new and different perspectives on their work.  
The applicant is interested in a long career in Jewish camp.  
Capacity for Growth  

Over the course of the Yitro Leadership Program, Fellows will experience nearly two years of intensive Jewish leadership development through in-person seminars, 1:1 advising, Jewish learning, and more. The curriculum specifically highlights collaborative and resonant Jewish leadership including management and supervision, communications, project management, ritual and experience design, and recruitment and engagement.  

FJC is committed to building a well-rounded cohort with Fellows who have capacity for growth in these areas. Please help us understand the areas of strengths for this applicant as well as areas for growth.


4. Significant capacity for growth 
3. Moderate capacity for growth 
2. Some capacity for growth 
1. Already an expert in this area

Ranking Comments
Supervision and management.
Navigating difficult conversations and situations. 
Project management.
Crafting immersive and impactful moments for diverse audiences. 
Recruitment and engagement fostering positive relationships with various stakeholders (campers, staff, families, alumni, community members and/or donors).
Communication and presence with various stakeholders.

Guidelines and Support